UK workshop on Turnaround Leadership for Sustainability in Higher Education

The UK workshop of Turnaround Leadership for Sustainability in Higher Education project was held in London on 13 June 2012. It was part of a series of workshops held in a number of countries to discuss the key findings arising from this project and the implications for leadership development.


Following the welcome by Prof Nick Foskett (Vice-Chancellor of Keele University), Prof Daniella Tilbury (Director of Sustainability, University of Gloucestershire) set the context and Prof Geoff Scott (Provost PVC Quality, University of Western Sydney) presented the key findings via a web link. Under the chairmanship of Dr Peter Rands (Canterbury Christ Church University), the participants discussed and analysed the findings while Dr Alex Ryan (University of Gloucestershire) captured it. Finally, Joanna Simpson (Higher Education Funding Council for England) delivered the vote of thanks.  


A collaboration between the Sustainable Futures Leadership Academy (SFLA) and the Australian Office for Learning and Teaching (formerly known as the ALTC), this leadership development project seeks to support senior management teams in progressing sustainability in higher education, focusing on embedding sustainability across teaching and learning programmes. The study has collected responses from 188 leaders of sustainability and education for sustainability in higher education located in Australia, Austria, New Zealand, the UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Sweden, the USA, Canada and Mexico.


Photograph by Asitha Jayawardena


The suite of Sustainable University websites: Sustainable University One-stop Shop, News and Information, Publications, Good Practice, Quotes and Facts, and Micro-blog (Twitter)

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