One stop, two years: What’s next?

SML-scrn-SUOSS-2013-130105The Sustainable University One-stop Shop celebrated its second anniversary in January 2013. Since its launch on 5 January 2011, it has promoted Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Sustainability in Higher Education (SHE) through an integrated approach comprising learning, communication, networking and motivation.

What it consists of

Developed entirely using free web resources (free website builders and social networking), this website has grown over the past two years from a single website to a suite of websites, comprising six satellite websites around a central platform.

The Sustainable University One-stop Shop central platform:

Satellite websites:


News and InformationResearch, Good Practice, Quotes and Facts, Blog and Micro-blog (Twitter)

What it has achieved

This online resource has so far attracted 14,000 visits while achieving recognition:


What it offers

This open access online resource offers the following:

How it has helped my development

Over the last two years, The Sustainable University One-stop Shop has:

  • Expanded my knowledge and awareness in ESD and SHE
  • Sharpened my skills (e.g.  innovation, communication and organisation)
  • Enhanced my abilities to make the best use of free web resources (e.g. free website builders and social networking)
  • Enabled me to put ESD theory into practice (e.g. Good practice website)
  • Helped me develop an influential global network in ESD and SHE on Twitter (800 followers) and Linkedin (315 connections), which includes Vice Chancellors, CEOs and a Prime Minister (Australia)

SUIS, the next step…

I seek a host university to implement my Sustainable University Integrated Solution (SUIS) research and development / business model which I have built upon the knowledge and experience gained from my Sustainable University One-stop Shop experiment.

Through an integrated approach linking learning, research, communication, networking and motivation, the SUIS will embrace the key functions of the host university (i.e. education, research, operations, consultancy and outreach) while engaging its internal and external stakeholders. This way, it will:

  • Help develop, innovate and deliver the host university’s sustainability strategy
  • Generate revenue for the host university through ESD/SHE consultancy services to other universities worldwide

This SUIS will enable the host university to engage with three types of agendas in higher education:

  • Sustainable graduates: Producing sustainable graduates (e.g. possessing sustainability literacy, empowered with sustainability competencies and employable in green economies)
  • Social responsibility: Walking the social-responsibility talk, mainly by engaging with wider community, from the local to global, through outreach, transdisciplinary research and partnerships
  • Institutional sustainability: Consolidating institutional sustainability through financial viability (e.g. student recruitment, knowledge marketing, research funding, consultancy, business collaborations), legal compliance (e.g. environmental and waste regulations) and cost-savings (e.g. efficient use of energy and materials and waste minimisation through behaviour change)

If you are interested in implementing my SUIS R&D/ business idea, fully or partly with appropriate modifications to suit your institution’s requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me on to discuss it further.

About me and my work…

Asitha is an innovator who is EDUCATED in Education for Sustainability (London South Bank University), Green Buildings and Civil Engineering (University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka), SKILLED in research, writing and the arts (poetry, painting and photography), and EXPERIENCED in sustainability research and communication in corporate, social enterprise/charity and academic contexts, in the press and online. Having submitted his dissertation as a course requirement of the MSc programme in Sustainability, Environment and Change at Kingston University in December 2012, he seeks a SUSTAINABILITY-related opportunity in Higher Education, Media, Business or Charity sector, particularly an integrated endeavour like his Sustainable University One-stop Shop experiment.

Asitha’s profile: Click here SML-scrn-Linkedin-profile-130106

A portfolio of his past work (e.g. websites, learning resources): Click here

Examples of his press appearances (i.e. 141 articles, ‘Mind Mirror’ column and 105 poems in the National Press in Sri Lanka): Click here

His photo gallery: Click here


His daily sharing: Search for #SDupdate (Sustainable Development Update) and #SDgems (Sustainability Sayings) on Twitter

The suite of Sustainable University websites: Sustainable University One-stop Shop, News and Information, Research, Good Practice, Quotes and Facts, Blog and Micro-blog (Twitter)

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