govtoday holds Third Annual Greening Education Conference

SML-GreeningEduConf-headtableThe third Annual National Greening Education Conference and Exhibition: The Foundations of a Sustainable Future, presented by govtoday  in association with The Carbon Trust and Solar Schools, was held in London on 1 May 2013.

Six Speakers covered a range of areas pertaining to greening different sectors of education, from schools to universities:


  • Di Dale (Wiltshire College and Association of Colleges): Driving sustainability to the heart of tertiary education
  • Tim Pryce (The Carbon Trust): Why education sector is crucial for a low carbon economy
  • Andrew Parkin (Cundall Acoustics): Designing institutions for the future
  • Amy Cameron (Solar Schools): Solar Schools project
  • Ros Wade (London South Bank University and the London Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development): Greening education: addressing the curriculum
  • Richard Moore (University of Northampton): A web-based biodiversity assessment tool Biodiversity Index

In between these sessions three Master Class sessions took place.

Linked to the event is the online forum on Greening Education. An ongoing discuss is on the topic What’s the reality, can you save money whilst becoming greener?

Photographs by Asitha Jayawardena (Top, some of the speakers; bottom, Ros Wade speaking on the curriculum’s key role in greening education)

Conference website

The suite of Sustainable University websites: Sustainable University One-stop Shop, News and Information, Research, Good Practice, Quotes and Facts, Blog and Micro-blog (@sustainableuni1 on Twitter)

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