Green Gown Awards 2013: Call for applications

SML-GreenGown2013The Green Gown Awards 2013, running for the ninth year, are open for applications from universities and colleges across the UK. Organised by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), annual Green Gown Awards recognise the exceptional sustainability initiatives in post-16 educational institutions (further or higher education institutions, work-based or adult and community learning providers) in the UK.

The 2013 Awards comprise 14 categories, including three new ones:

§  Best Newcomer

§  Carbon Reduction

§  Construction and Refurbishment

§  Continuous Improvement: Institutional Change (also in Green Gown International Award)

§  Courses

§  Facilities and Services (new for 2013)

§  Learning and Skills

§  Modernisation – Effectiveness and Efficiency in the Estate

§  Promoting Positive Behaviour

§  Research and Development

§  Social Responsibility (also in Green Gown International Award)

§  Student and Staff Engagement (also in Green Gown International Award)

§  Sustainability Champion Award (new for 2013)

§  Technical Innovations for Sustainability (new for 2013)

UK applications under three categories indicated above will also compete with Australasia Green Gown Awards for an International Award.

Stage 1 of the Awards, opened on 1 May 2013, will close on 12 June. The opening date and the deadline of Stage 2 are 10 July and 11 September 2013, respectively. The Awards Ceremony will be held in November.

Image from the EAUC website


Green Gown Awards website

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