UCL Conference: Denaturalising nature, just sustainabilities and an ‘Environment Domain’

SML-joint-UCLEI-postconfThe inaugural Annual Conference of The Environment Institute of University College London (UCL), titled ‘Responding to Environmental Complexity: A Showcase of UCL Research,’ took place on 17 and 18 June 2013.

Day 1 opened with an introduction/welcome by Professor David Price, UCL Vice-Provost (Research). Three sessions on Climate, Ecology and Risk followed. The day ended with a keynote lecture on ‘Denaturalising nature’ by Professor John Law, Professor of Sociology at the Open University UK.

On Day 2, a brief welcome by Professor Yvonne Rydin, Director UCL Environment Institute and Chair of Planning Environment and Public Policy, UCL Bartlett School of Planning, was followed by three sessions on Energy, Environmental Justice, and Infrastructure and Governance. Then, Professor Julian Agyeman, Professor and Chair, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning (UEP), Tufts University, delivered a keynote lecture on ‘Just sustainabilities: policy, planning and practice.’

Bringing the conference to a closure, Professor Price emphasised that universities should generate wisdom, that is, judicious application of knowledge for the good of humanity. He highlighted how UCL is delivering this through its four Grand Challenges of Sustainable Cities, Global Health, Intercultural Interaction and Human Wellbeing and revealed that the Environment Institute would be expanded further to an ‘Environment Domain.’ Finally, he led a round of applause for the UCLEI team, including Professor Rydin and Marianne Knight (Deputy Director).

The two-day conference came to an end with the launch of Professor Agyeman’s latest book Introducing just sustainabilities: Policy, planning and practice amid a drinks reception.


Photographs by Asitha Jayawardena

From left:

Professor Rydin chairing a session

Professor Agyeman delivering keynote of Day 2

Professor Price bringing the conference to a closure


UCL Environment Institute banner from website



Conference webpage

UCL Environment Institute

UCL Grand Challenges

An introduction to Introducing just sustainabilities: Policy, planning and practice

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