Gloucestershire workshop on Education for Sustainability in Higher Education


A workshop titled ‘Facing the Future: Education for Sustainability in Higher Education’ was held at the University of Gloucestershire on 25 June 2013.

The workshop explored ways of reframing the curriculum and education while providing opportunities for discussion on the potential of EfS and its role within the future HE landscape. It was informed by the findings and experiences from the six projects funded under the University’s Learning for Sustainable Futures awards scheme in 2012-13, which investigated ways to understand and embed Education for Sustainability (EfS) principles in the curriculum and student support.

Following welcome and introduction by Professor Stephen Marston (Vice Chancellor), Professor Stephen Hill (Dean of Teaching and Learning Innovation) and Professor Daniella Tilbury (Director of Sustainability), three interactive sessions took place:

  • Reframing the curriculum
  • Making subject connections
  • Students, sustainability and learning dynamics

Ann Finlayson, Director of SEEd (Sustainability and Environmental Education) and former Commissioner for Education and Capability Building for the Sustainable Development Commission, facilitated the interactive sessions.

The Learning for Sustainable Futures scheme supports the University’s commitment to progressing EfS as an educational priority, as reflected in the Strategic Plan 2012-2017. It is a joint initiative of the Sustainability Team and Teaching and Learning Innovation.

Photographs by Asitha Jayawardena


Workshop webpage

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