UNEP publishes Greening Universities Toolkit


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has published a toolkit titled Greening Universities Toolkit: Transforming Universities into Green and Sustainable Campuses.

Developed by UNEP’s Environmental Education and Training Unit (EETU) in collaboration with the University of New South Wales Australia, this Toolkit is part of a wider Greening Universities Initiative established through UNEP’s EETU in collaboration with other UN agencies, under the umbrella of the Global Universities Partnership for Environment and Sustainability (GUPES).

The Toolkit’s objective is to inspire, encourage and support universities to develop and implement their own transformative strategies for establishing green, resource-efficient and low carbon campuses. It aims to encourage and promote higher education’s contribution to the overall sustainability of the planet.

The structure of the Toolkit focuses on the sustainable planning, design, development and management of the university campus and, where appropriate, is linked to universities’ core business of teaching, research and outreach. It comprises the following sections:

  • Universities and sustainability: definitions, issues, risks and challenges: establishes the context
  • Strategies for initiating transformation: addresses the strategic issues
  • Tools for delivering transformation: sets out generic guidance on the tactical aspects
  • Recognising and rewarding progress: outlines a global award scheme for continual improvement
  • Resources for change: lists resources and guidance for further information
  • Global exemplars: presents best practice case studies worldwide
  • Technical Appendix: sets out methods and calculations used in the toolkit development

Under subsection ‘5.3 Online tools and resources’ of the section ‘Resources for change’, it presents a list of 16 widely known and internationally relevant examples and one of them is The Sustainable University (SU) One-stop Shop http://www.sustainableuni.kk5.org/ (page 61) (Please see image above).

The SU One-stop Shop has advanced sustainability in higher education and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) worldwide since January 2011. Entirely developed using free web resources, this personal initiative  comprises a central platform, surrounded by seven satellite websites, namely News and Information, Research, Good Practice, Quotes, Blog, Diary, and Micro-blog (Twitter). Its social updates sharing scheme shares on LinkedIn and Twitter eight types of updates, namely #SDupdate #CCupdate #SUnews #SUresearch #SUgoodpractice #SUquotes #SUblog #SUdiary.

Image adapted from the UNEP Greening Universities Toolkit

Click here to download UNEP Greening Universities Toolkit

UNEP training website

The suite of Sustainable University websites: Sustainable University One-stop Shop | News and Information | Research | Good Practice | Quotes | Blog | Diary | Micro-blog (@sustainableuni1 on Twitter)

‘Sharing for a Sustainable World’ #SSW on http://twitter.com/sustainableuni1 & http://uk.linkedin.com/in/asithaj/


  1. Am impressed that there exists a greening universities tool kit. I would be grateful to a access a copy of the same.


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