International workshop on Pliocene climate

SML-Bristol-PlioceneWSAn international workshop on Pliocene climate will be held at The Clifton Pavilion, Bristol Zoo Gardens Bristol, UK on 9 and 10 September 2013.

The Pliocene epoch, the last sustained interval when global climate was significantly warmer than today, is a good potential analogue for the conditions predicted for the end of this century due to anthropogenic climate change.

Bringing together around 75 scientists from around the world, this workshop aims to identify the most pressing research questions for the international Pliocene community as well as the gaps in the current understanding of this interval.

Day 1 of the workshop will comprise two sessions and a keynote lecture:

  • Session 1: High latitude climate during the Pliocene (convener: Professor G. Haug, ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
  • Session 2: Tropical and mid-latitude Pliocene climate (convener: Professor C. Ravelo, University of California, USA)
  • Keynote Lecture by Dr. B. Otto-Bliesner (NCAR): Why Modelling the Pliocene is Important for IPCC Climate Change 2019

After the Day 1 proceedings, Professor G.H. Haug will deliver a public lecture on ‘Climate and Societies’ at Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol (18.30–19.30).

Day 2 will comprise two sessions and a keynote lecture:

  • Session 3: Global synthesis: observations and models (convener: Professor A. Haywood, University of Leeds)
  • Session 4: Pliocene ice and climate-tectonic connections (convener: Professor E. Tziperman, Harvard University, USA)
  • Keynote Lecture by Prof. M. Raymo (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory): Sea Level in a 400 ppm world: field evidence, modelling results, and new investigative strategies

Hosted by the University of Bristol, this event is supported by The Leverhulme Trust , the European Research Council, the Cabot Institute and the Global Change research group at the University of Bristol and the University of Leeds.

This is the second Pliocene climate workshop, following the first held in Bordeaux, France in 2009. The third will be held in Barcelona, Spain in 2014.

Image adapted from the workshop webpage

Webpage of the workshop

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