Online consultation on QAA/HEA draft guidance on ESD for UK higher education open until 3 January 2014

SML-qaa-online-consltnThe online consultation of Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) on the new draft guidance on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for UK higher education providers will come to a close on 3 January 2014. The guidance will then be published in early 2014.

Before launching this online consultation on 11 November, QAA and the Higher Education Academy (HEA), which collaborated in producing the draft, held a one-day consultation workshop in Birmingham on 5 November 2013 (see link below).

Why an ESD guidance?

This new ESD guidance aims to offer practical help to UK higher education providers who to embrace ESD as part of the student academic experience. Chapter B3: Learning and teaching of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education (the Quality Code), published in September 2012, identifies education for sustainability* (or ESD) as an educational theme that cuts across academic disciplines. The new guidance, offering a point of reference to educators, intends to complement the Quality Code, sitting alongside it.

Why a consultation on this draft?

The ongoing online consultation aims to gather wider views of the higher education sector and its stakeholders on this draft guidance, which has been developed by an expert group drawn from and acting on behalf of UK higher education community. Falling in line with its consultative and transparent process through which it operates, QAA intends to ensure that the final product is as representative as practically possible.

What does the draft cover?

The draft guidance:

  • Introduces the concept of ESD
  • Identifies a set of graduate outcomes (knowledge and understanding, skills, and attributes) appropriate for use as a framework in programme design and delivery
  • Offers guidance on approaches to teaching, learning and assessment
  • Provides a list of web-based resources

The guidance is not prescriptive and recognises that the way ESD is delivered would depend on institutional and disciplinary context.

Who should respond to the consultation?

Contributions are welcome from anyone with an interest in students’ academic experiences in ESD.

This may include staff within higher education (e.g. related to programme design and delivery, academic quality and the student experience), students and student representatives, academic support organisations, and professional, statutory and regulatory bodies. The consultation survey (on Survey Monkey) can be accessed from

For further information, please contact Dr Laura Bellingham at

Image adapted from the cover of the draft guidance


Consultation on draft guidance for UK higher education providers on ESD (QAA news release)

Please note that this page allows you to view/download the survey questions beforehand

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One comment

  1. Apologies, but the timing of this consultation has clashed with the end of the autumn teaching term (coursework marking and exam preparation), pre-Christmas academic conferences and the Christmas close down. Within the few weeks available it has not been possible to canvas views and organise a meeting to discuss an institutional response to the consultation.


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