NEW BOOK: Imagining the Future City: London 2062

SML-London2062-bookcoverA new book, Imagining the Future City: London 2062, was launched at University College London (UCL) in November 2013. 

The book, edited by Dr Sarah Bell (Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering UCL) and Dr James Paskins (Co-ordinator for the Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities and the London Agenda at UCL), aims to open discussion about the future of London.

This publication features new work that addresses the city’s future, including academic writing, opinion pieces and illustrations and also winning entries from the London 2062 competition for UCL students. The book comprises four sections:

  • Connections
  • Things
  • Power
  • Dreams

The introduction from Dr Sarah Bell, Dr James Paskins, Joanna Wilson and Jennifer Johnson (Future of London) sums up what the book is, as follows: ‘Imagining the Future City is not a blueprint, nor is it a prophecy. It is a provocation to continuing dialogue and a prompt for Londoners to consider what is at stake. London’s future cannot be predicted, foretold or decided in a book, however expert its authors. This book presents the visions and analysis of authors from a range of academic and professional disciplines, with the aim of opening up deliberation and debate about what London might be like in fifty years, and what that might mean for the choices we make now.’

This collaborative effort of forty contributors is based on UCL’s London 2062 project (2010-2012), which Professor David Price (Vice-Provost for Research at UCL) instigated as part of the Research Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities, driven by his vision of bringing the breadth of institution’s urban research to bear on the future of London.

Image is from the UCL website



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