Second Anniversary of News website of The Sustainable University One-stop Shop

The Sustainable University (SU) News and Information website ( celebrated its second anniversary in December 2013.



Launched in December 2011, the SU News website publishes news related to sustainability in higher education and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), mainly with a UK focus. It is one of the seven satellite websites of The SU One-stop Shop (, which has been recognised in Greening Universities Toolkit (, page 61) of The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

As on 29 December 2013, the SU News website has 149 posts and 8,270 views from around the world. The day and the month with most views are 28 March 2013 (96 views) and June 2013 (773 views).

Recently, it has shown an increased growth in international readership. For example, on 14 November 2013, it started using ClustrMaps application that displays the location of visitors. This map shows that in the period 14 November to 23 December 2013 (40 days), the SU News website has attracted 738 views from all continents (please see map above).


Top Ten countries of SU News website (in terms of views) – since 25 February 2012

As on 29 December 2013

United Kingdom – 5180

United States – 564

Australia – 251

India – 193

France – 97

Canada – 85

Germany – 72

Netherlands – 69

Italy – 52

10 Indonesia – 51

Source: WordPress


Top 10 posts on the SU News website (in terms of views)

As on 29 December 2013

1 NEW COURSE: Sustainability: Working for Positive Change MSc – 281

2 CONFERENCE: Public Private Partnership (PPP) Body of Knowledge (3P Book) International Conference – 171

3 UNEP publishes Greening Universities Toolkit – 167

4 Meridian: The greener recycling bin from Greenwich – 157

5 Mayor announces Low Carbon Prize winners – 130

6 Rio+20 Treaty on Higher Education: Engaging Communities of Learning in Change for Sustainability – 114

7 Southampton Blackout 2013: ‘pizza driven energy reduction’ – 114

8 Rethinking the Engineer: Cambridge Engineering ESD Conference – 99

9 Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) London Conference 2014: Call for Papers – 96

10= BOOK LAUNCH: The Sustainable University: Progress and prospects – 90

10= UCL Conference: Responding to Environmental Complexity – 90

Source: WordPress


The Sustainable University One-stop Shop

Launched in January 2011 as a single website, The SU One-stop Shop advances sustainability in higher education and education for sustainable development (ESD) worldwide through an integrated approach comprising education, communication, research, networking and motivation.

Over the last three years, it has achieved 27,000 hits while growing into a web suite that comprises seven satellite websites: News & Information, Research, Good Practice, Quotes, Blog, Diary and Micro-blog (Twitter)

Its social updates scheme ‘Sharing for a Sustainable World’ (#SSW) comprises eight updates, including sustainable development (#SDupdate) and climate change (#CCupdate).

It has entirely been developed using free resources (free website builders and social networking).

Image is an adaptation of images from ClustrMap (map) and WordPress (background with tags)


The suite of Sustainable University websites: Sustainable University One-stop Shop | News and Information | Research | Good Practice | Quotes | Blog | Diary | Micro-blog (@sustainableuni1 on Twitter)

‘Sharing for a Sustainable World’ #SSW on &

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