CONFERENCE | Evolving Science Communication: 10 years of science communication at UWE

SML-logos-UWE-SCUA conference, titled ‘Evolving Science Communication: 10 years of science communication at UWE,’ will take place at the Watershed in Bristol on Friday 4 April 2014.

Organised by the Science Communication Unit of the University of the West of England (UWE), the conference aims to provide a platform for discussion between experts from practitioner and academic communities. It will also celebrate the ten year anniversary of science communication postgraduate programmes at UWE Bristol. This conference is further to the UWE’s first Evolving Science Communication conference in 2009.

The day will begin with a welcome from Dr Emma Weitkamp and Dr Clare Wilkinson from the UWE Science Communication Unit.

The programme will include two plenary sessions:

  • Science Communication – International Perspectives and Opportunities | Professor Frank Burnet, Emeritus Professor of Science Communication, UWE
  • Science; not just for scientists | Imran Khan, Chief Executive of the British Science Association

The day will see six presentations, in two sessions:

  • Engineers are blokes who fix your boiler… the image problems that are hampering engineering
  • The Building as an Exhibit: Communicating Environmental Sustainability in Science Centres
  • Involving students in STEM communication activities
  • The Francis Crick Institute: engaging the local community
  • Einstein’s Garden: Creative, collaborative and playful approaches to public engagement
  • Can academics really engage ‘hard to reach’ audiences?

An hour-long PechaKucha session will feature presentations, each running for less than seven minutes, mainly covering the following themes:

  • Online and Digital Communication
  • Arts and Creative Communication
  • New and ‘Hard to Reach’ Audiences

A typical, fast-paced PechaKucha presentation with an emphasis on images consists of 20 slides, each shown only for 20 seconds before the automated appearance of the next slide.

The drinks reception will see a poster session related to contemporary issues in science communication.

Registration will close on 14 March 2014.

The internationally-renowned Science Communication Unit (SCU) at UWE focuses on engaging the public with science and training future science communicators. Among its programmes and activities are:

  • Science Communication MSc/ Postgraduate Diploma
  • Science for Environment Policy news alert service
  • Socio-economic Sciences: Communicating Outcomes Oriented to Policy (SCOOP)
  • euRathlon (an outdoor robotics competition)
  • Science Comics (for children)

Image comprises logos of the University of the West of England (UWE) and its Science Communication Unit



Conference website

Conference registration form

UWE Science Communication Unit

The first Evolving Science Conference of UWE

Science Communication MSc/ Postgraduate Diploma

Science for Environment Policy news alert service

Socio-economic Sciences: Communicating Outcomes Oriented to Policy (SCOOP)

Science Comics website (for children)

British Science Association


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