HEA – Worcester workshop | The Worcester sustainability model now and the future: maintaining momentum from the green academy

SML-HEA-worcesterA workshop, titled ‘The Worcester sustainability model now and the future: maintaining momentum from the green academy,’ will be held at the University of Worcester (UW) on 28 May 2014.


Hosted as part of the Workshop and Seminar Series 2013/2014 of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), this event will:

  • Share and reflect on the approaches used at Worcester to create Institutional change in response to the sustainability challenge
  • Share and discuss examples across subject disciplines, covering both formal and informal curricula; and
  • Showcase the project work of students


As a prompt for discussion, the workshop will share some of the methods adopted by the university, particularly the development of a cross-institution multi-disciplinary Sustainability Elective Module and how courses have developed learning opportunities across the institution to embed learning about sustainability.


The event will start with a welcome by Dr Marie Stowell (Director of Quality and Educational Development UW) and an introduction by Helen Howard (The HEA).


The day is structured around three main sessions:

  • Curriculum and Engagement (followed by Panel Questions and Answers)
  • Examples of Sustainability in the Curriculum from across UW (followed by Panel Q&A)
  • Participant workshop: Marginal Gains


The event will end with an optional tour of The Hive, UK’s first public/university library.


The first session, on Curriculum and Engagement, will comprise the following presentations:

  • Learning & Teaching Strategy and Sustainability at Worcester | Will Bowen-Jones (Head of Education Development Unit)
  • Campus and Community: Using both community projects and the campus as curricula and extra curricula sustainability opportunities for student learning | Katy Boom (Director of Environmental Sustainability)
  • Student Perspective | Peng Li (MA student Project and Manager Energize Worcester, Student Green Fund project)
  • A distinctive Sustainability Elective for all Disciplines | Antonius Raghubansie (Green Academy Lead and Associate Head, Worcester Business School)
  • Linking Curriculum, Campus, Community: Co-creating Knowledge through Creative Digital Technologies and Online Learning and Teaching Strategies | Wendy Corbett (Digital Publishing Creative Consultant and Visiting Lecturer in Design and Creative Digital Media)
  • Managing Complexity: Integrating the “Witness” Session | Professor Stephen Martin (Visiting Professor)
  • Funding for Curriculum Projects | Katy Boom


The Lunch break will also include Student Displays/Discussions.


The second session, on Examples of Sustainability in the Curriculum, will consist of the following:

  • Green Design | Andy Stevenson (Senior Lecturer, Graphic Design & Multimedia)
  • The Business Curriculum | Mike Bagshaw (Senior Lecturer, Leadership)
  • Sports Science and Sport Studies Curriculum | Lerverne Barber (Associate Head, Institute of Sport and Exercise Science)
  • Masters in Sustainable Development Advocacy | Christianne Wakeham (Course Leader)


The third session, the Participant workshop, led by Will Bowen-Jones, will be small group work, using a sustainability café approach with a focus on sharing experience.


The optional tour of The Hive, led by Iain Paul (Design Manager), will reveal how vision, leadership, collaboration and consultation with many stakeholders paved the way for The Hive, a multiple award winning joint library and history centre, housed in an ‘outstanding’ sustainable building.


The event is free of charge but a place must be reserved through online registration (see link below).


Image created from logos of the HEA and the University of Worcester





Event page (and free online registration)



Event programme http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/assets/documents/seminars/2013-14/Themes2013-2014/GEN971_Worcester/Worcester_final_programme_F.pdf


Contact emailThematic.Seminar@heacademy.ac.uk


The Higher Education Academy (HEA)| Green Academy http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resources/detail/sustainability/ESD_2014/Green_Academy


The HEA | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/education-for-sustainable-development


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University of Worcester | Sustainability Elective Module http://www.worcester.ac.uk/journey/elective-sustainability.html


The Bulmer Foundation (delivery partner of Sustainable Development Advocacy (Professional Practice) MA) http://www.bulmerfoundation.org.uk/



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