Green Gown Awards 2014 | Over 100 finalist projects from 62 UK institutions are in fray

GreenGownAwardsThe tenth Green Gown Awards Ceremony will take place at the University of Manchester on 3 November 2014, announcing the winners out of over 100 finalist projects from 62 UK tertiary education institutions.


Organised by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), this event annually celebrates the exceptional sustainability initiatives in the tertiary education sector in the UK, bringing together the sector’s sustainability leaders, drivers and thinkers. The awards are open to any UK tertiary education establishment, including all post-16 educational institutions such as colleges, universities and learning and skills institutions.


This year has seen three new categories, namely Enterprise, Food and Drink, and Leadership Award. The Leadership Award, which is exclusive to senior strategic leadership at tertiary education institutions, is pursued by four finalists, namely Professor Patrick Bailey (Pro-Vice Chancellor, Environment & Sustainability, Keele University), Professor John Brooks (Vice Chancellor, Manchester Metropolitan University), Professor Daniella Tilbury (Dean of Sustainability, University of Gloucestershire) and Professor James Longhurst (Assistant Vice Chancellor, Environment and Sustainability, University of the West of England).


The Awards comprise two types of categories, namely Organisation and Individual.


Organisation categories are:

  • Best Newcomer
  • Carbon Reduction
  • Construction and Refurbishment
  • Continuous Improvement: Institutional Change
  • Courses and Learning (revised for 2014)
  • Enterprise
  • Facilities and Services
  • Food and Drink
  • Research and Development
  • Social Responsibility
  • Student Engagement
  • Technical Innovation for Sustainability


Individual categories are:

  • Leadership Award (mentioned above)
  • Sustainability Champion Award (open to both staff and students at tertiary education institutions)


At the International Green Gown Awards, winners of the UK and Australasia Awards (organised by Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability, ACTS) will be brought together in competition under three categories, namely Continuous Improvement: Institutional Change, Social Responsibility and Student Engagement.


Image from the EAUC website





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