Plymouth Conference | Education for Sustainability in Higher Education: Achievements and Prospects


A conference titled ‘Education for Sustainability in Higher Education: Achievements and Prospects,’ will be held at Plymouth University on 8 January 2015. 

Hosted by the university’s Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory (PedRIO) and the Centre for Sustainable Futures (CSF), this conference will signify three decadal milestones, the end of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the tenth anniversaries of HEFCE’s influential policy document Sustainable Development in Higher Education and Plymouth’s CSF.

The conference will showcase and celebrate achievements in sustainability-related teaching and learning, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), pedagogic research, resource development, hybrid learning space design, and whole institutional change.

It will explore three themes:

  • ESD Pedagogy: Criticality, Creativity and Collaboration
  • Innovative Learning Spaces for sustainability education
  • Towards the Sustainable University

In addition to research papers and posters, the day’s programme will feature a series of roundtable discussions. This flexible format will encourage delegates to move between tables, choosing topics of their preference, and will also foster a high level of interactivity and discussion, providing useful feedback to presenters and facilitating networking.

The morning session will begin with a Welcome and Introduction by Professor Ray Playford (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Plymouth University). This session will comprise:

  • Keynote 1: Dr Jane Davidson (Institute of Sustainable Practice, Innovation and Resource Effectiveness INSPIRE, University of Wales, Trinity St. David) | Life, the Universe and Everything – how should universities educate for a constrained future?
  • Plymouth Plaza – Roundtable Paper Presentations
  • Three Paper Sessions in parallel on ESD Pedagogy, Innovative Learning Spaces for ESD, and Towards the Sustainable University

The afternoon session, following Lunch and Poster Presentations, will comprise:

  • Three Paper Sessions in parallel on ESD Pedagogy, Mixed themes, and Towards the Sustainable University
  • ESD in Practice Plaza – Roundtable Paper Presentations
  • Three Paper Sessions in parallel, one on ESD Pedagogy and two on Towards the Sustainable University
  • Guest Speech: Jamie Agombar (Head of Sustainability, National Union of Students NUS) | NUS/Higher Education Academy research on student attitudes to sustainable development
  • Keynote 2: Professor Stephen Sterling (CSF, Plymouth University) | So far, so good…. and so what? ESD and the next decade

The day before, a pre-conference event will take place at National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth at 5.30pm. At this informal networking evening Tim Mac Macartney (writer, author, and founder of Embercombe) will give a presentation on ‘A Wind Blowing – experiments in learning well’.

Graphic from the conference webpage



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