Four years of innovation in Sustainability in Higher Education and ESD | The Sustainable University One-stop Shop


The Sustainable University One-stop Shop (SUOSS) experiment ( celebrated its fourth anniversary on 5 January 2015. This unfunded, zero-cost, self-driven experiment advances Sustainability in Higher Education and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) worldwide.

42,500 visits in four years | News website attracts 6000 visits from 130 countries in the past year


In the last four years, the SUOSS has achieved 42,500 visits. The Sustainable University (SU) News website, one of its satellites, has particularly shown a strong global appeal in the past year, registering nearly 6,000 visits from over 130 countries (as shown on the ClustrMap on the side bar of

The SUOSS has achieved recognition, globally as well as locally:




A central platform with a suite of seven satellite websites | Developed using free online resources

This one-stop shop, developed by Asitha Jayawardena ( using free website builders and social media, comprises:

Asitha’s Klout score, which reflects his online influence, remains around 50 (

Extensions: An ESD Group on LinkedIn, a Sustainable University Model and ‘2015 | Year of the Sustainable University’


Building on the SUOSS, Asitha has launched three other initiatives:

Note: Planetshire University (PU) is a hypothetical UK university.

Moreover, since April 2014, he has published 40 LinkedIn posts on ESD and Sustainability in Higher Education

With four years of experience, self-learning and networking, Asitha seeks a host university for his Planetshire University model, which proposes to use sustainability in the curriculum as an opportunity for enhancing stakeholder engagement, quality of course programmes and institutional reputation.

If you are interested in this experiment or the PU Model, please feel free to contact him on, Twitter (!/sustainableuni1 @sustainableuni1) or LinkedIn (


The Sustainable University One-stop Shop |

Its satellite websites:  News & Info | Research | Good Practice | Quotes | Blog | Reflective Diary | Twitter

2015 | Year of the Sustainable University (SU2015) |

Project PROPOSAL for universities | The Planetshire University model (v3) | Sustainability in the curriculum as an enhancer of Engagement, Quality and Reputation

LinkedIn PROFILE |

LinkedIn POSTS | Sustainability in Higher Education & ESD

LinkedIn GROUP | Sustainability, Education and Engagement | ESD at Planetshire University

Profile & Portfolio | Asitha Jayawardena | Strengths, Accomplishments & Recognition

Online Shelf | Examples of past work (PDFs, booklets, press articles, logos, etc)

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