Nottingham tops UI GreenMetric World Universities Ranking 2014 | Nottingham Trent, Oxford, Bradford, Plymouth & Bath in Top 20



The University of Nottingham has topped UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2014, which was announced in January 2015.


Five other UK universities – Nottingham Trent (3rd), Oxford (5th), Bradford (6th), Plymouth (13th) and Bath (15th) – have made it to the Top 20.


360 universities from 62 countries took part in this Universitas Indonesia (UI) initiative, now in its fifth year. It ranks universities worldwide on the basis of their campus sustainability and environmental management efforts, under six main categories: Green Statistics (15%), Energy and Climate Change (21%), Waste management (18%), Water usage (10%), Transportation (18%) and Education (18%).


Top 20 universities | UI GreenMetric World Universities Ranking 2014


1 University of Nottingham | UK

2 University College Cork National University of Ireland | Ireland

3 Nottingham Trent University | UK

4 University of California, Davis | US

5 University of Oxford | UK


6 University of Bradford | UK

7 University of Connecticut | US

8 Universitat fur Bodenkultur Wien | Austria

9 University of California, Berkeley | US

10 Northeastern University | US


11 University of Limerick | Ireland

12 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill | US

13 University of Plymouth | UK

14 Universite de Sherbrooke | Canada

15 University of Bath | UK


16 Georgia Institute of Technology | US

17 University of Massachusetts Amherst | US

18 Eindhoven University of Technology | Netherland

19 University of Szeged | Hungary

20 University of Bremen | Germany


Graphic created using image from UI GreenMetric World University Ranking website





UI GreenMetric World Universities Ranking 2014:


More info


University of Nottingham:


Nottingham Trent University:


University of Oxford:


University of Bradford:


Plymouth University:


University of Bath:



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