Plymouth to host Sustainable Earth Forum 2016 on 23-24 June


Sustainable Earth 2016 Forum (#EarthForum16) will take place at Plymouth University on 23 and 24 June 2016.


Organised by the university’s Sustainable Earth Institute (formerly Institute for Sustainability Solutions Research ISSR), this global forum for connecting research with action will bring together researchers, businesses, community groups and individuals with the aim of sparking and encouraging collaborations for a sustainable Earth.


This forum will begin with a welcome by Professor Judith Petts (Vice-Chancellor, Plymouth University) and then an introduction by Chair Professor Iain Stewart (Director of the Sustainable Earth Institute, Plymouth University). Keynote speakers include:

  • Sir Mark Walport (Government Chief Scientific Adviser in the UK)
  • Wendy Darke (Founder of True to Nature Limited and former Head of the BBC Natural History Unit)
  • Craig Bennett (CEO, Friends of the Earth)
  • Anthony Hobley (CEO, Carbon Tracker)


The programme is structured around three sessions – each exploring three themes:

  • Session 1: Health and Wellbeing, Biodiversity and Conservation, and Cities and Communities
  • Session 2: Water, Energy, and Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Session 3: Climate Change, Resources and Education


The theme ‘Education’ under Session 3 will feature Professor Stephen Sterling (Professor of Sustainability Education, Plymouth University).


At this forum, delegates will enjoy the opportunity of taking part in a variety of reflective activities ranging from a visit to a solar farm to a tour through the universe. They will also hear from leading organisations including Salvation Army, Environment Agency, Plymouth Energy Community, Westcountry Rivers Trust, Langage Farm, University of Iceland and Plymouth University.


The first day’s conference dinner will be followed by a talk by poet Matt Harvey on ‘The power of poetry for provoking participation in Sustainability’ and then evening musical delights by The Q-dettes.


Sustainable Earth 2016 Forum builds on five years of previous sustainability events held at Plymouth University.



The colourful world map graphic is from The Sustainable Earth Institute.




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Professor Iain Stewart (Director of the Sustainable Earth Institute, Plymouth University)


Professor Sir Mark Walport (Government Chief Scientific Adviser in the UK)


Craig Bennett (CEO, Friends of the Earth)


Anthony Hobley (CEO, Carbon Tracker)


Professor Stephen Sterling (Professor of Sustainability Education, Plymouth University)



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