Ashden Int’l Conference 2017 | Scaling Clean Energy innovation: markets, new places and capacity

Ashden International Conference 2017, titled Scaling clean energy innovation: Expanding markets, reaching new places and developing capacity, will take place in London (Bloomberg’s European Headquarters, 39-45 Finsbury Square EC2A 1PQ) on 13 June from 10am to 5pm.


Hosted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the conference will bring together clean energy innovators, industry leaders, NGOs, investors and academics to present and discuss current themes and trends in the sustainable energy world.


The event, chaired by the BBC’s Environment Analyst, Roger Harrabin, will highlight how Ashden winners are creating opportunities for growth and investment in the clean energy sector. It comprises presentations by Ashden International Award winners and discussion panels comprising Ashden winners and external experts.


The programme is structured around four themes:

  • Disruptive innovation and opportunities for clean energy
  • Expanding to new geographies
  • Developing local skills and capacity
  • Sustainable urbanisation


Speakers announced so far include:

  • Lee Siang Tai (Chair, World Green Building Council & Asia Pacific Network)
  • Lisa Conibear (Business Manager, Shell Foundation)
  • Dario Traum (Senior Analyst on Climatescope for BNEF)
  • Michael Wilshire (Head of Strategy at BNEF)
  • Magdalena Banasiak (Senior Innovation Adviser, Research and Evidence Department, DFID)
  • Scott Roy (Director, Whitten and Roy Partnership)
  • Jeffrey Prins (Programme Manager, Renewable Energy, IKEA Foundation)
  • Yacob Mulugetta (Professor of Energy and Development Policy, Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy STEaPP, University College London)


Closing remarks will be delivered by Roger Harrabin and Sarah Butler-Sloss.


The host, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), powered by Bloomberg’s global network, is an industry research firm focused on helping energy professionals generate opportunities.


Note: This post is based on the content on Ashden website and the conference’s Eventbrite page. Logos are from respective websites.




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