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London South Bank University (LSBU) launched a research group, ‘SUSTAINABILITY: Policy, Practice and Pedagogy’, in London on 2 November 2017.


Hosted by LSBU School of Law and Social Sciences, this Sustainability research group aims to achieve sustainability through research, education and action.


Sustainability through research, education and action


The group will develop and promote research and action on sustainability as a new and emerging interdisciplinary area which draws from the social sciences as well as other disciplinary landscapes in order to address the complex, real-world wicked problems of today, such as climate change,  global inequality, forced migration, biodiversity loss, social and environmental justice.


Framed within the context of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UNESCO’s Global Action Plan (GAP), the group’s work will be linked to the Centre for Social Justice and Global Responsibility at the School of Law and Social Sciences.


Building on the work of the London Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainability (EfS), which is hosted at LSBU, the group will also link with the wider global RCE network of the UN University and UNESCO networks.


Inaugural meeting


Led by the group’s lead academics – Professor Ros Wade (LSBU Education for Sustainability EfS programme/ London RCE), Dr Glenn Strachan (LSBU EfS programme) and Lynn Vickery (London RCE) – the inaugural meeting was attended by academics from LSBU, the University of East London (UEL) and the University of Gloucestershire.


At this meeting, the participants developed a combined vision and sense of purpose in line with the Centre for Social Justice and Global Responsibility, developed a two-year research strategy for the group and a timetable of actions/ events for 2017-2018, and planned a publication or a journal on addressing the themes of the SDGs.


LSBU, a sustainability leader in higher education


As an active leader in sustainability in UK higher education, LSBU hosts the RCE London, which was launched at the university in 2009. With RCE London, it hosted European RCE meeting 2016 on 23 and 24 June 2016.

LSBU and RCE London host European RCE Meeting 2016


Notable among other conferences that the university has co-hosted with RCE London is the ESD London Conference 2014.


ESD London Conference | Sustainability is a core theme in higher education today and will remain so tomorrow, says VC LSBU


LSBU is also home to the pioneering masters course in Education for Sustainability, which celebrated 21st anniversary in early 2017.


Education for Sustainability (EfS) | Pioneering LSBU course celebrates 21st anniversary


The university also hosts seminars by sustainability leaders and an example is the talk by eminent environmentalist and writer Jonathon Porritt CBE in 2015.


Universities have an obligation to empower students to deal with climate change, says Porritt at LSBU




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