EAUC Conference 2018 | Collaborations for Change: Global Goals (SDGs) for Tomorrow’s Education, Today


NOTE: Text and photographs by Asitha Jayawardena (http://uk.linkedin.com/in/asithaj) as part of his Sustainable University One-stop Shop Experiment (http://www.sustainableuni.kk5.org/).


The annual conference of The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) will take place at Keele University from 19 to 21 June 2018.


Inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goal No 17 (i.e. Partnerships), this year’s conference theme, ‘Collaborations for Change: Global Goals for Tomorrow’s Education, Today’, emphasises the critical role that academics, researchers, students, sustainability leaders and support staff in universities and colleges must play together in the endeavour of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) worldwide.


“The SDGs are the world’s new to-do list and this conference will inspire and empower universities and colleges to take the step-change needed,” says Iain Patton (CEO, The EAUC), “Our students and their learning are instrumental in delivering the Global Goals and shaping all our futures. Students have the commitment and energy, so it’s up to us in the lecture room and on the campus to ensure they leave our institutions with the knowledge and skills they need to become effective agents of global understanding and local action.”


Programme and delegates


Repositioning sustainability as a foundation to build positive new cross-sector collaborations for change, this event will embrace all areas of campus life, from the post-16 education sector. Delegates include those responsible for sustainability leadership, environmental management, governance, estates and facilities, finance and procurement as well as teachers, lecturers, curriculum designers, post-graduate researchers and students.


This 3-day event will include keynotes, plenary sessions, campus, academic and research streams, interactive workshops, facilitated networking events, the Annual Conference Dinner as well as the Exhibition.


The Campus Conference will take place alongside the Academic Conference, building a unique and powerful cross discipline and sector opportunity to achieve SDGs as well as research and education fit for tomorrow.




The event will feature three types of speakers:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Speakers: International Panel Session
  • Speakers: Keele University Panel Session


Keynote speakers


  • Fiona Harvey (award-winning environmental journalist for The Guardian)
  • Jonathon Porritt (Co-Founder of Forum for the Future, former Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission and Chancellor of Keele University)​
  • Judy Ling Wong (painter, poet and environmentalist and Honorary President of Black Environment Network BEN)
  • Professor Ioan Fazey (Professor of the Social Dimensions of Environmental Change at the University of Dundee and Director of the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience)
  • Professor Mark Ormerod (Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost of Keele University and Strategic Lead for Environment and Sustainability at Keele University)

​Speakers: International Panel Session


  • Dr Akiko Kato (Fukushima National College of Technology)
  • Ge Yin (University of Cambridge)
  • Professor Maki Ikegami (Hokkaido University)
  • Professor Park (Mie University)
  • Professor Hidefumi Kurasaka (Chiba University)
  • Dr Prinya Thaewanarumitkul (Thammasat University)
  • Professor Tae Yoon Park(Yonsei University)

Speakers: Keele University Panel Session

  • Simon Burgess (Senior Consultant, Siemens)
  • Dr Ian Madley (Head of Partnership Development, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Keele University)
  • Dr Zoe Robinson (Director of Education for Sustainability and Lead for Institute for Sustainable Futures, Keele University)
  • Dr Sharon George (Course Director for the MSc in Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology and Lecturer in Environmental Sustainability, Keele University)
  • Professor David Healey(Professor of Practice, Keele University and Head of Smart Energy at WSP)




The conference will deliver over 50 workshops of two types:

  • Academic
  • Campus


Academic workshops


This Changes Everything – Discussing Climate Change via music and Art

Glenn Fosbraey & Antosh Wojcik (both from University of Winchester)


The Trojan Mouse of Sustainability: Dropping Sustainability into Education

Dr Zoe Robinson (Keele University)


Facilitating Interdisciplinarity for Life-long and Life-wide Learning

Maria Kirrane (University College Cork)


Five Ways of Working for Sustainability

Dr Victoria Hands & Radu Cinpoes (both from Kingston University)


Psycho-sociology for Dummies

John Thorne (Glasgow School of Art)


5 WOWs! A Tool for Sustainable Decision Making

Dr Carolyn Hayles (University of Wales TSD), Dr Gwenith Elias (Bangor University) & Jenny Lloyd (University of Wales TSD)


People, Power, Politics and the SDGs: Simulating the UN Global Agreement Process through Classroom Politics and Negotiation by Social Media

Prof Simon Kemp (University of Southampton)


Engagement, Co-creation & Collaboration towards Sustainability in Practice: University, Students, and Community

Romas Malevicius & Rebecca Bennett (both from University of Salford)


Creating a Living Lab for Sustainability

Thom Cooper (University of Leeds) & Dr Paul Warwick (Plymouth University)


Listening for Sustainability: Developing understanding for partnerships and collaboration

Dr Zoe Robinson & Christa Appleton (both from Keele University)


BREEAM to Passivhaus – Policy Change to Deliver Low Carbon Estate Growth

Tom Heel (University of Oxford) & Chris Swinburn (CBG Consultants)


Creating Better Buildings – It’s More than Just a Badge!

Dr Sandra Lee (University of Leicester), Dr Emma Fieldhouse (Future We Want) & Dr Stephen Ball (Couch Perry Wilkes Partners)


Are Sustainable buildings meeting what they are promising? 

Dr Sharon George & Dr Jun Caw (both from Keele University)


Hamsters in a Wheel? Is Sustainability Education Stuck in a Rut?

Prof Chris Willmore & Amy Walsh (both from University of Bristol)


How Bike Share can Support Effective Partnerships

Katy Boom (University of Worcester), Cristina Pop (Worcester City Council) & Matt Smith (University of Worcester)


Classroom collaborations: exploring multi-sector co-learning at universities for local sustainability

Andrew Reeves (De Montfort University)


A Rounder Sense of Purpose: Educator Competences for Sustainable Development

Dr Paul Vare & Rick Millican (both from University of Gloucestershire)


The best way to lead? Sustainability leadership successes

Janet Haddock-Fraser (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Dr Peter Rands & Dr Stephen Scoffham (both from Canterbury Christ Church University)


Green Guide to Universities – making sustainability work in education

Harriet Waters (University of Oxford)


Learning & Skills Workshop: International Panel Event

Prof Boonchai Stitmannaithum (Sustainable University Network of Thailand), Prof Hongwei Tan (China Green University Network), Prof Tae Yoon Park (Korean Association for Green Campus Initiative) & Prof Takayuki Nakamura (Campus Sustainability Network in Japan)


A Practical Application of SDGs within the Curriculum

John Thorne (Glasgow School of Art)


Keele’s Student-led Projects: Students’ Union, Students and University Partnerships

Dr Zoe Robinson (Keele University)


Campus workshops


We swiped right and made a great Travel Plan!

Dawn Dewar (University of East Anglia), Meleiha Youngs (Liftshare.com) & David Jordan (First Eastern Counties Buses)


Australian Sector Showcase

Lin Stevenson (RMIT University), Leanne Denby (ACTS) & Danielle McCartney (University of Technology Sydney)


Navigating the SDGs: Mapping your Journey

Hannah Sellers, Dr Sandra Lee & Ben Evans (all from University of Leicester)


Turning Student Waste into Treasure

Karen O’Donoghue & Amy Healey (both from British Heart Foundation)


Points mean prizes – engaging the many in sustainability actions

Dr Neil Smith (Bournemouth University), Liz Harris (University of Winchester) & Eloise Nickerson (Bournemouth University)


Degrees of Change: Making carbon saving everyone’s responsibility

Joanna Marshall-Cook, Richard Jackson & Ben Stubbs (all from University College London)


How to run a multi-agency city wide Go Green Week

Katy Boom (University of Worcester), Selina Fletcher (Coventry University) & David Chapman (University of Warwick)


Aren’t Trees Brilliant? Using Collaboration to Communicate Campus Greenspace Benefits

Dr Anna Gilchrist & Julia Durkan (both from University of Manchester)


Reframing sustainability at the Governance level as the key to institutional success

Charlotte Lee Wolf (University of Edinburgh) & Prof Wendy Purcell (Harvard University), TBC


Keele’s Smart Energy Living Lab: partnerships between campus and business

Dr Zoe Robinson (Keele University)


The SDGs in Education: How we are (attempting) to include the SDGs across all programmes and how we are tracking our progress – NUS

Quinn Runkle & Anthony Courtney (both from University of Winchester)


The environment strikes back…

Candice Snelling & Laura Porter (both from National Oceanography Centre Southampton) & Manuel Torres de Carvalho (Southampton Solent University)


Collaborative and innovative approaches to sustainability in science teaching laboratories

Matthew Bennett & Catrin Darsley (both from University of East Anglia)


Chew fancy a brew?  Winchester’s coffee cup story: from 3 to 33 in 100 cups

Liz Harris (University of Winchester)


EAUC Future Business Council: Feedback on the shared sustainability agenda for H/FE and employers



Futureproof Your Career: how NBS links Sustainability to Employability

Fiona Winfield, Lina Erlandsson & Petra Molthan-Hill (all from Nottingham Trent University)


Leadership the ISO way

Dr Neil Smith (Bournemouth University), Prof Simon Kemp (University of Southampton) & Candice Snelling (National Oceanography Centre Southampton)


A challenging climate – carbon reduction on a budget

Katherine Middleton & Adam Thompsett (both from College of West Anglia)


Fairtrade University and Colleges Pilot – pitfalls and possibilities

Harriet Waters (University of Oxford) Jo Williamson (Middlesex University), Jo Kem (NUS) & Jo Milis (The Fairtrade Foundation)


Sustainability Leadership Scorecard – How to connect with your senior management



Accelerating demand for hybrid buses – how universities can support

Dr Victoria Hands (Kingston University), Dan Lupton (Kingston University Service Company Ltd) & Chris Rumley (RATP Dev)


Partnership for Impact! Ensuring strategic alignment and impact evaluation

Dr Peter Rands (Canterbury Christ Church University) & Ellie Martin (Christ Church Students’ Union)


Engaging with professional departments

EAUC Scotland


Gamification of Teaching and Learning Resources for Built Environment Education– Eco Material Trumps

Aled Williams & Dr John Lester Clarke (both from University College of Estate Management)


International student air travel fuels Carbon Literacy Living Lab

Rachel Dunk, Jane Mork, Helena Tinker & Valeria Vargas (all from Manchester Metropolitan University)


The Leeds Way: Students Shaping the Future/ The Leeds Way – The University of Leeds’ Approach to Sustainability

Kelly Forster & Josh West (both from University of Leeds)


Embedding sustainability across a total project portfolio

Ben Stubbs, Richard Jackson & Joanna Marshall-Cook (all from University College London)


EAUC Future Business Council: Feedback on the shared sustainability agenda for H/FE and employers

Janet Haddock Fraser (EAUC)


The #SDGTeachIn: how student demand led to over 200 teaching staff including the SDGs in their teaching, learning, and assessment

Quinn Runkle & Katie Jepson (both from NUS)


Does a policy push or the meaningful message get results?

Harriet Waters, Tom Heel & Rupert Stuart Smith (all from University of Oxford) & Tomas Refslund Poulsen (University of Copenhagen)


Win-win: Experiences of delivering ‘living lab’ experiential learning projects

Matthew Lawson (University of Edinburgh), Davy Gray (Edinburgh University Students’ Association), Rachel Drayson (NUS) and EAUC


Taking your Institution’s Voice to the UN – SGD Accord

Charlotte Lee Wolf (University of Edinburgh)


Sustainable City Challenge: A staff engagement success

Jessica Lobo & Eleanor Simes (both from City University of London)


LEAF (Lab Efficiency Assessment Framework) – A new approach to achieving laboratory sustainability

Martin Farley & Cristina Azevedo (both from University College London)


Reframing Sustainability as the Key to Institutional Success

Rosy Saban (EAUC)


The Genius of Two Wheels

Katy Boom (University of Worcester), James Morvan (University of the West of England), Jack Windle (Love to Ride) & Charlotte Bonner (NUS)




To attend the Annual Conference, please register here: https://www.eaucconference.org.uk/


NOTE: This post, based on the content of the conference website https://www.eaucconference.org.uk/ on 10 June 2018, contains some extracts from the conference website. Graphics are created using the graphic from the above mentioned website. Logos are from respective websites.




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