UK, US and WHO: How they play the game of coronavirus

By Asitha Jayawardena

Now, worldometer says 20,000 for the UK, 50,000 for the US and 200,000 for the World Health Organisation (WHO). These numbers are sad deaths.

Boris Johnson

As the death rate passed 20,700, Boris Johnson stood in front of 10 Downing Street today to warn the British public that “huge loss of life” would be possible if the coronavirus lockdown eased too early. He urged Britons to “contain their impatience” during Covid-19 pandemic to avoid a second infection.

It came with 89% of people said that they supported the government’s stay-at-home measures. Deltapoll carried out the survey with over 1500 participants.

Boris was recovering from Covid-19 in his official country residence in Chequers for two weeks after release from St Thomas’ Hospital.

He took control from Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who he said “done a terrific job.” Raab said yesterday that there would not be sudden success of the vaccine against Covid-19.

By Thursday, Johnson would have to carry out testing for 100,000, which the government promised; the current testing rate is over 21,000 per day. Another issue is solving the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Donald Trump

In the other corner of the Atlantic, the US passed the death toll 55,000.

Friday 24 April, Donald Trump said that injecting disinfectant to your body can cure coronavirus. Later on, he said it was a prank on reporters just to see what would happen. He abstained from daily coronavirus task force briefing without taking any questions from reporters.

Saturday morning, Trump tweeted: “What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately.”

He went on: “They get record ratings, & the American people get nothing but Fake News. Not worth the time & effort!”

However, he is now facing the drop of ratings against Joe Biden in the Presidential Elections in November 2020.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Globally, the mortality rate passed 207,000 with the coronavirus infected people approached 3,000,000.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, believes that worst is yet to come. This Ethiopian microbiologist and internationally recognized malaria researcher thinks that the next epicentre is in Africa, where the health systems are not yet developed.

“Let’s prevent this tragedy,” he said at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. “It’s a virus that many people still don’t understand.”

On Friday, WHO launched a programme to accelerate work on tests, drugs and vaccines against Covid-19 and several world leaders took part in the video conference. Unfortunately, the US did not participate in this.

In fact, Trump – the single largest donor – announced a suspension of funding to WHO. Responding, Tedros said: “This virus is dangerous. It exploits cracks between us when we have differences.”

Who funds WHO is not an issue! We will get together to remove Covid-19 out of this Earth.



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