Cost-of-living vs. climate change: Battle between political leaders and future generations

By Asitha Jayawardena

Cost-of-living crisis vs. climate change is the theme of the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) survey of global risks and 1,200 global risk experts, policy-makers and industry leaders took part in this.

The report says that energy, food, debt and disasters are the short-term risks but climate and human development should not be forgotten as the global leaders meet at the Davos conference next week.

Short-term risks vs long-term risks.

Political leaders across the globe tackle short-term risks because they are in power in the short term. They will take measures to challenge the long-term risks, which will happen when they are out of power, sometimes dead.

That is why the political leaders must listen to the calls for future generations in the climate crisis. Today, a teenager will be a man or a woman when the climate crisis hits back.

And it’s happening now as 2022 is found as a year of climate misery. Renewable energy is a must, keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

At least in Davos next week, the political leaders will act, as the report highlights, “collectively and decisively” as “cooperation is the only way forward.”

If not, the future generations will suffer when the long-term crises come while the current political leaders will be out of power, probably deceased.


Cost crisis threatens to overshadow need to act on climate change – report


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