Storytelling and Sustainability

By Asitha Jayawardena

Storytelling is the most effective way of changing our behaviours so that the future will be sustainable for us, the animals we live with and the planet Earth.

Some of the stories I wrote in 2014 and beyond are given below, including the interviews with Mother Nature, letters to a group of aliens who are doing research on the planet Earth, systems thinking, the dependability on ‘Growth vs. Earth’ Café and Lord Future’s ideas, including Brexit. Enjoy!

The interviews with Mother Nature

Once humans go extinct due to climate change, other beings will live happily ever after, says Mother Nature

The IPCC Report 2021 questions about human wellbeing and survival, says Mother Nature

The Alien letters: An alien writes to the UN Secretary-General

Paris climate change deal costs Earth a galactic award, reveals an alien letter to the UN

Alien Letter 4: G7 is not climate-friendly, COP26 is four months away and Planet Earth is warming!

Alien Letter 5: IPCC Report is “a code red for humanity” while COP26 is the last chance for humankind

Alien Letter 6: 50 years since Stockholm Conference, Greta’s Climate Book and COP27 in November 2022


The talking elephant and the SYSTEMS light | A modern folk tale (with two morals)

A game of plates at ‘Growth vs. Earth’ Café | Who depends on whom?

A chance encounter with Lord Future | Gala apple tablets, Look Technology and Brexit…



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